Jusung Engineering Yongin R&D Center of a six-story building with R&D Fab on 26,000 m2

"Established in 1993, Jusung succeeded in localizing all of its core equipment for semiconductor, display, solar energy, LED, and OLED products through the development of its own innovative technologies and greatly contributed to enhancing the national competitiveness of the equipment industry through the development of creative and innovative products.

In the last 10 years, Jusung's R&D investment ratio has been about 18 percent, far above the average of its domestic and overseas peers. In the most difficult times, We have focused on R&D investment and turned the crisis into an opportunity. Since then, it has succeeded in developing equipment that can cope with technological advances such as semiconductor micro-process and enlargement of OLED panels, helping to change the paradigm of next-generation semiconductor and display industries

Jusung established Yongin R&D Center in 2020 to build an infrastructure that enables research and development of semiconductors, displays, and Solar to be more efficient in one space. As research and development of semiconductor, display, and solar energy equipment are carried out in one space, we have integrated the strengths of each field and maximized the synergy and efficiency of technology development to upgrade the main character's R&D promotion capabilities."

JUSUNG campus of 10 buildings on 66,115 m2

Located in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do, JUSUNG is a representative equipment maker of Korea that is realizing its goal of becoming a global leader in the sectors of semiconductor, display, solar cell, and liighting equipment with creative technology related to core equipment.

On the JUSUNG campus, which is composed of 10 buildings on 66,115 m2, 80% of the buildings are used for R&D and production to build the best environment for creative research and development. Relaxation and exercise areas are conveniently located in the complex, which is surrounded by forest, to help those in the Jusung family rest and recharge.