Ilun Science & Technology Foundation

In order to contribute to nurturing excellent talents and promoting R&D activities, we established the Ilun Science & Technology Foundation scholarship program. The Foundation supports promising talents to help them make their dreams come true by strictly selecting students with potential in order to promote R&D, which is the foundation of the social development.

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Industry-university cooperation

Jusung Engineering has established industry-university cooperative relationships to contribute to the development of education and industry of the nation and society through research support, research funds and equipment support, joint R&D and technical advice and other supports to various universities.

University Name Contents of Agreement
Yeungnam University Agreement on Development of Talents in Next Generation Material Parts
KAIST Signed Industry-University Cooperative Agreements on Solar Equipment
Korea University Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in Talent Development for Leading Projects in Wide Economic Areas
Kyungwon University Agreement on Display Talent Development Project
Seoul National University Agreement on Semiconductor Vocational Training Consortium Projct
Inje University Request for Participation in S.C Talent Development Project
KOREATECH Industry-leading broadband economies Talent Center Cooperation Agreement
Environment and Sharing – an Eco-friendly Company

In order to share the significance and value of corporate social responsibility and global environmental issues with our community, we have steadily conducted activities to preserve the natural ecosystem. JUSUNG ENGINEERING continues to participate in environment cleaning activities to make our environment cleaner and more pleasant. We have expanded the scope of the program to Gyeongan Creek, its surrounding roads, the adjacent reservoir, and forests and parks, and we run a systematic environment protection program designated as a mandatory training course for new hires.

JUSUNG ENGINEERING employees begin such sharing activities as soon as they join the company.

Our regular charity activities include the sponsorship of Sejin Kim, who was born without legs but who won a silver medal at the International German Swimming Championships for the Disabled, or IGSC, and monthly salary deductions to participate in a sharing campaign hosted by the Community Chest of Korea.