Ethical Charter

All JUSUNG employees faithfully comply with and implement the JUSUNG Code of Ethical Doctrine established to share the right view of business conduct and practice fair management. The JUSUNG Code of Ethical Doctrine is carried out under the conviction that we can be the world's best company trusted by customers through our new technology development and manufacture the world's best products based on our corporate ethics and fair organizational culture.

  • First, we prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to create the value (products/services) required by our customers.
  • Second, we strive to increase shareholders' investment value with stable profits from our efficient business management.
  • Third, we strive to respect any and all local regulations and transaction practices to secure a competitive advantage in a fair manner based on the principles of free competition and fair trade, and to create a fair and transparent trade environment for co-existence and co-growth under mutual trust and cooperation.
  • Fourth, we strive to make it a rule to embody morality and manners in daily life with self-respect and pride, protect our honor and dignity, and work in an honest and fair manner to create a healthy, upright corporate culture under the recognition that "Every one of us is an owner and representative of JUSUNG ENGINEERING."
  • Fifth, we strive to build an organizational culture that respects human dignity and the value of individuals, gives equal opportunity according to individual qualities and abilities, rewards reasonably through fair evaluation, and nurtures creative and ethical talents.
  • Sixth, we strive to fulfill our corporate social responsibility by contributing to the development of our country and society through respect for national and social values, observance of laws and regulations, and healthy business activities.
Code of Ethics

To recognize the necessity for ethical compliance management and to build a society where Jusung and all of its stakeholders grow together by conducting business ethically as well as legally to establish fair trade order and fulfill the corporate responsibility required by our times, Jusung establishes and pledges to implement its ethical doctrine that forms the basic spirit in its overall business management and the standards for thinking, decision-making, and conduct of all employees.

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Ethics Education

We provide ethics education for all employees on how to implement ethical business practices on the job at every position with a focus on case studies and theory. Our ethics education programs including on/offline ethics education, regular education for key supervisors, and mandatory courses for new hires are operated systematically.

No-give No-take Campaign

To develop an upright business culture mindset, we have carried out campaigns to neither give nor take gifts, and we strictly prohibit employees from receiving money or gifts from stakeholders related to their job.

IR Activities

We are positioned as a company trusted by our shareholders thanks to the realization of transparent business management. In addition, we carry out various IR activities such as introducing many aspects of JUSUNG ENGINEERING to global investors and providing real-time management and investment information on our dedicated IR webpage to strengthen interactive communication with investors and ultimately to maximize shareholder value.

Compliance Program

Jusung Engineering aims to be a model company for fair trade and comply with laws and regulations based on mutual trust with its partners.

Jusung Engineering promotes self-compliance management of fair trade as follows in order to promote win-win cooperation and shared growth based on a clean and transparent transaction environment and fair trade order

  • 01. Jusung Engineering clearly understands and laws and regulations related to fair trade and practices them voluntarily.
  • 02. Jusheng Engineering builds a mutual trust relationship by ensuring fair participation and transaction compliance on the basis of transparency in all transactions.
  • 03. The players of Jusung Engineering promote management efficiency by establishing voluntary awareness of fair trade and further contribute to the development of the company and society.
  • 04. Jusung Engineering promotes free and fair competition to continuously develop the stability and growth of company
Subcontract transaction fairing system

Achieve compliance and ethical management through continuous checking and improvement of subcontract transaction

Strengthen win-win cooperation and mutual growth system with partner companies

Proposal of implementation guidelines for establishing transparent and fair subcontracting practices and compliance management of executives and employees

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