Creation of Happiness through Sustained Growth

JUSUNG ENGINEERING strives to create value for all stakeholders including customers, employees, and shareholders through continuous growth in order to contribute to the happiness of humankind as well as to socio-economic development. We will pursue all our management activities from the perspective of stakeholder value creation by organically linking business management with the principles, strategies, and tools for sustainability in the rapidly changing business environment.

Principles for Sustainable Corporate Growth of JUSUNG ENGINEERING

Since its inception, JUSUNG ENGINEERING has strived to create value for customers based on the principle of respect for humans. We have set and implemented guidelines in the areas of labor, ethics, and environment that contain the foundation for sustainability in order to systematically implement Sustainable Corporate Growth that has been positioned to serve as the global standard in all business activities.

Principles for Sustainable Corporate Growth of JUSUNG ENGINEERING : Principles for Research and Development, Principles for ESH Management, Principles for Quality Management, Principles for Ethical Management
Vision and Strategy for Sustainable Corporate Growth of JUSUNG ENGINEERING

The first step to ensure sustainable growth while being loved by stakeholders is to be a healthy organism in the market ecosystem, and further, to seek the health of the overall market ecosystem in all areas of business activity including products and services. The next step is to look at the community around us and take the initiative to help the underprivileged stand on their own and build trusting relationships through continuous interactions with various stakeholders in all company processes. Hence, we are enhancing the implementation of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in our overall business activities ranging from product research and development to procurement, production, sales, and after-sales service while strengthening our consensus-building and cooperation with stakeholders.

ESH Management System

Making the protection of the environment, safety, and health the essentials of our business, JUSUNG ENGINEERING's business system has been certified by ISO14001 (environment) and OHSAS18001 (safety and health). We set, implement, improve, and continuously develop our own management standards that are stricter than legal requirements.

Environmental Information Disclosure System
  • The purpose of system

    Creating a foundation for environmental management and establishing a system for autonomous environmental management across society by enhancing companies' willingness to voluntarily promote environmental management and promoting environmental communication

    Providing proven environmental information to shareholders and stakeholders to enhance transparency and reliability while contributing to eco-friendly activities

  • The procedure

    The institution subject to disclosure of environmental information have to register the previous year's environmental information with the environmental information disclosure verification system by the end of June every year, undergo a verification process, and disclose it to the public in March of the following year.

    Environmental information disclosure verification system (www.

  • Environmental Information Report
Waste Management

JUSUNG ENGINEERING has introduced recycling equipment in an effort to reduce and minimize waste produced during the R&D process and has participated in resource recycling through the separate treatment of general industrial waste. We strive to reduce waste through the regular monitoring and analysis of waste volume and the improvement of our facilities on a continuous basis.

Designated Waste Treatment Volume
2019 1,251ton
2020 466ton
2021 37.71ton
Hazardous Chemicals Management

JUSUNG ENGINEERING identifies environmental hazards and the human impact of hazardous chemicals used in R&D through conducting environmental impact assessments and chemical hazard assessments to manage hazardous chemicals under stricter guidelines than those required by the Chemicals Management Act. Furthermore, we implement special training for employees handling chemicals and business-labor joint preventive inspections to contain chemical accidents. We have the chemicals safety health manual (MSDS) available on site for everyone to access while managing an electronic registration system in parallel.

Response to Climate Change

JUSUNG ENGINEERING developed its medium-/long-term improvement strategy in 2010 to reduce energy use by phase in line with the government's greenhouse gas reduction policy, international trends, and demands from national/international stakeholders. In addition, in accordance with the Energy Use Rationalization Act and our status as an energy and greenhouse gas target management business, we manage targets of greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption and carry out energy diagnoses in cooperation with a specialized agency every five years.

Years Electricity(%) Fuel(%) Water(%) Total Amount
2019 18,928.9 (99.9) 0.1 (0.0) 15.8 (0.1) 18,944.8
2020 16,518.8 (99.4) 71.8 (0.4) 23 (0.1) 16,613.6
2021 16,298.5 (99.6) 42.0 (0.3) 23.6 (0.1) 16,364.0
Environment Contribution Activities

JUSUNG ENGINEERING actively participates in community environment cleaning activities in partnership with the local government (Gwangju Municipality, Gyeonggi-do). As part of the waste reduction campaign by Gyeonggi-do, our employees regularly clean the 2km-long access road to our HQ and clean the Gyeongan Creek area as needed.

Realizing an Accident-free Worksite

With safety and health first and foremost in our management philosophy, JUSUNG ENGINEERING has conducted various zero-accident campaigns including announcing the Safety Golden Rules, conducting a corporate-wide risk assessment, implementing the construction approval system, holding mandatory safety training for visitors, and creating Joint Safety Check Day. We also offer tips for emergency behavior, practice emergency preparation and drills, and set standards stricter than the legal requirements to fulfill our responsibilities and obligations. We will keep developing into a company that makes people happier through our global top products and safety and health activities by ensuring that an autonomous safety culture takes root within the organization.

Year Manufacturing Industry Accident Ratio All Industry Accident Ratio Jusung Engineering Accident Ratio
2021 0.80 0.63 0
2020 0.72 0.57 0
2019 0.72 0.58 0
Safety Consciousness (SGR: Safety Golden Rules )

To focus on preventing possible safety accidents at our worksites, we announced the core safety guidelines that all employee and stakeholders must follow and applied the 'Safety Golden Rules' to maintain our status as a zero-accident business.

Equipment Safety Certification

JUSUNG ENGINEERING utilizes an equipment safety certificate system for equipment supplied to customers in compliance with national/international standards to ensure both safety and reliability from the stages of design to manufacturing and usage in the areas of human engineering, machinery, electricity, chemicals, and health.

Safety Activities

JUSUNG ENGINEERING has implemented various activities to prevent accidents and maintain a pleasant, safe work environment by removing and improving hazard factors on site. We conduct hazard assessments to identify and improve potential risk factors, apply our construction approval system to review the safety of construction work and minimize unexpected situations, and institute the business-labor Joint Safety Check Day for a circular safety check at our worksites. We have also adopted the CR (Camera Report) system to prevent past hazard factors from repeatedly appearing while applying stricter standards than the legal requirements, e.g., our safety and health campaign, safety and health awards, and penalty point system.

Strengthening safety and health education

In order to emphasize the importance of safety and health activities and prevent safety accidents, we run a safety and health education program customized for different employee levels, and community members (including students visiting the company) if necessary, in various areas such as industry safety, electricity safety, gas safety, and fire safety). In addition, to raise interest in safety and health management and safety awareness among vendor employees, we make it a rule for them to participate in offline safety training on their first visit (refresher course training after six months).

Health Activity

With safety and health first and foremost in our management philosophy, JUSUNG runs various health programs for employees to prevent occupational diseases and maintain a healthy life by providing a pleasant work environment. We invite a third-party professional agency to conduct a 'work environment assessment' twice a year (first and second half) to check if employees are exposed to hazardous elements at all worksites, while supporting an annual 'regular health check' for all employees, 'special health check' for R&D employees (including production), and 'total health check' based on employee tenure.

Health Promotion Activities

For its employee health promotion activities, Jusung Engineering operates an in-house clinic twice a month (by inviting doctors and nurses) to provide medical support such as health consultations, blood pressure and diabetes checks, and body fat measurements. In addition, we provide our regulatory annual health checks (general, special) in house in collaboration with a medical institution to ensure a higher check rate and increase convenience for our employees.

Emergency Preparation and Response

For its employee health promotion activities, JUSUNG ENGINEERING operates an in-house clinic twice a month (by inviting doctors and nurses) to provide medical support such as health consultations, blood pressure and diabetes checks, and body fat measurements. In addition, we provide our regulatory annual health checks (general, special) in house in collaboration with a medical institution to ensure a higher check rate and increase convenience for our employees.