Innovate Technology!
Create New Industry!
Make Happiness!
'We will make the first and the best products in the world with our creative thinking and innovative technology!'

Since its inception in 1995, JUSUNG has constantly challenged the global market through its innovative technology development so that Korean equipment technology would be recognized around the world.

When JUSUNG was founded, even a screw made in Korea could not be used for semiconductor equipment, and people anticipated the certain failure of a Korean player in the hi-tech equipment sector. But JUSUNG has succeeded in developing innovative technologies and products, and has built a philosophy of creation and corporate culture unique to JUSUNG that cannot be imitated.

Based on such a philosophy and corporate culture, we have not been satisfied with our success in the semiconductor sector and have expanded to the display, solar cell, and OLED industries to realize our goal of making world-class products.

Learning was the start, while challenging has been the process.

Based on our history, the pride of JUSUNG has been developed into the idea of exploring new markets by creating technologies that only we can develop.

We aim to grow into a business that makes people happier by expanding into new industries through more innovative technological development.

We will continue to do our best to be a company that delivers happiness to countless customers around the world while maintaining our enthusiasm.

All JUSUNG employees promise to keep challenging earnestly so that we can continue to be a company that is loved and respected by customers and shareholders through our effort.