Creation of Happiness through Sustained Growth

JUSUNG ENGINEERING strives to create value for all stakeholders including customers, employees, and shareholders through continuous growth in order to contribute to the happiness of humankind as well as to socio-economic development. We will pursue all our management activities from the perspective of stakeholder value creation by organically linking business management with the principles, strategies, and tools for sustainability in the rapidly changing business environment.

Principles for Sustainable Corporate Growth of JUSUNG ENGINEERING

Since its inception, JUSUNG ENGINEERING has strived to create value for customers based on the principle of respect for humans. We have set and implemented guidelines in the areas of labor, ethics, and environment that contain the foundation for sustainability in order to systematically implement Sustainable Corporate Growth that has been positioned to serve as the global standard in all business activities.

Principles for Sustainable Corporate Growth of JUSUNG ENGINEERING : Principles for Research and Development, Principles for ESH Management, Principles for Quality Management, Principles for Ethical Management
Vision and Strategy for Sustainable Corporate Growth of JUSUNG ENGINEERING

The first step to ensure sustainable growth while being loved by stakeholders is to be a healthy organism in the market ecosystem, and further, to seek the health of the overall market ecosystem in all areas of business activity including products and services. The next step is to look at the community around us and take the initiative to help the underprivileged stand on their own and build trusting relationships through continuous interactions with various stakeholders in all company processes. Hence, we are enhancing the implementation of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in our overall business activities ranging from product research and development to procurement, production, sales, and after-sales service while strengthening our consensus-building and cooperation with stakeholders.